Some Elements of the Protestant Reformation

1. Grounded in a affirmation that the Bible is the primary authority for faith and practice, more so than the traditions of the church and/or personal revelations thought to be from the Holy Spirit. The Scriptures judge both tradition and relational claims.
2. Priesthood of the believers--for oneself...

A History of Pickens Baptist Association

The heritage of the Pickens Association is a proud one. Founded in 1835, it weathered three crises early in its lifeBit decided to be missionary (not anti-missionary) and cooperative (not anti-board) and lost several churches to the Primitive or high Calvinist Baptists. It decided to be moderately Calvinistic and lost a church and some members to the Freewill Baptists.

Some Thoughts Regarding Church Life

Expectations of Members and the Community for your church:

1. Hope-encouragement
2. Deliverance--addictions, guilt, Satanic attack and depression
3. Understanding, acceptance, and love...

Proposal for a Series of Workshops for New Ministers 2010 and Beyond

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